As global economies grow, international shipping is key to expanding trade and moving goods. This expansion spurred a quest for efficiency and economies of scale in the shipping industry. Larger tonnage is one way of bringing about this efficiency, stimulating the market for larger vessels and larger harbors to house them. To support this market, shipyards are looking for ways to operate as efficiently as possible, deliver new vessels and perform maintenance work on an optimized schedule.

Ports and harbors are expanding and maximizing their performance to accommodate and serve vessels of increasing size. Minimize construction, maintenance and handling times to maximize vessel productivity. High-capacity cranes are an essential element in both harbor and shipyard efficiency, for cargo handling or shipbuilding operations. These cranes need to be built, installed, maintained, upgraded and sometimes relocated. Developing and realizing the optimal scenario for the movement of these giant devices requires expertise and specialized equipment.

With both ships and cargo handling equipment around the world growing in size, shipbuilders and port owners face new construction and maintenance challenges. Dang Gia’s transport and installation & heavy-duty transport specialists are ideally positioned to find engineering solutions that optimize shipbuilding and port operations, including wharf installation, building and launching new ships, maintaining and upgrading ships, shipyards and loading and unloading goods in the port.