Having built up our heavy lifting expertise across a range of major industries, DGC is ideally positioned to offer maintenance services that maximize uptime, improving safety and efficiency

Keeping a plant operating smoothly and safely while ensuring optimum efficiency and profitability is what investors and executives in heavy industry desire, no matter which sector they operate in. Coping with daily maintenance, routine component change-outs, upgrades, inspections and dealing with unplanned events can make or break an operation over the long run.

Time and safety are the two most critical factors when it comes to maintenance work. Whether it is part of an on-going schedule, a renewal due to wear and tear or a modernization project, maintenance can mean reduced capacity or even a complete shutdown. For a plant’s owners, maximizing uptime while ensuring the safe and efficient running of the facility contributes directly to the bottom line. And, because heavy lifting and transport are integral to maintenance operations across heavy industry, having a maintenance service agreement with a heavy lifting partner that has the right expertise and equipment offers numerous tangible advantages.