Over the past half century, the development of hydro power in our country has gone through a long and arduous journey, but it has brought enormous benefits to the national economy.  Hydro power plants play a very important role in the national power system, in addition to producing electricity, they also participate in flood control, water supply for downstream areas, and socio-economic development.

Hydro power and thermal power plants that have been built and put into operation have played a great role in providing energy for the power system and are one of the three main energy sources to meet the country’s electricity demand, serving socio-economic development in many localities, especially in difficult areas such as the Northwest, Middle and West Highlands, making an important contribution to ensuring national energy security.  At the same time, due to the low cost of hydropower, reasonable regulation of electricity prices, creating many jobs and incomes for the labor force across the country, making a significant contribution to the national budget… As the trend of energy development that solar and wind power are indispensable to gradually replace fossil energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the role of hydro power is extremely important: backup generating capacity, helping to stabilize the system,  frequency control, being a tool to help the national power system to operate stably, safely and reliably.

We, Dang Gia Group, have been contributing to the construction of hydro power and thermal power plants from far places, with difficult and treacherous terrain, from Cambodia to Laos. We are always looking for solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

With a team of experienced engineers, we have provided solutions for heavy lifting such as installation of hydro power valves, installation of turbines, installation of pressure pipelines, blast furnaces, boilers, chimney towers, connections,  steel structure of tubular houses of thermal power plants… those have contributed to the successful construction of many projects.