EVN starts construction of $2 billion Quang Trach 1 thermal power plant

EVN broke ground on billion Quang Trach 1 thermal power plant on 2021 December 13

Covering an area of 48.6 hectares in Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach 1 thermal power plant combines two turbines with a total capacity of 1,200MW. The power output is estimated at about 7.8 billion kWh per year.

It is the first project of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) where the investment capital is mobilised from domestic banks without a government guarantee. Once completed, the plant will contribute VND1.2 trillion($52.17 million) to the province’s budget.

Nguyen Tai Anh, vice president of EVN said that, “The plant will apply leading advanced environmental protection technology in Vietnam. It will be equipped with advanced environmental protection equipment such as an electrostatic precipitator system with an efficiency of up to 99.75 per cent, ensuring that no adverse impacts will be made on the habitat surrounding the plant. The existing technology can afford to minimise negative impacts of thermal power on the environment.”

“To make it easier for people to access and monitor environmental information, emission parameters will be displayed at an electronic panel placed right at the power plant, and these data will be transmitted online to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment for their control 24/7,” Anh said.

Previously, in June, EVN and a consortium of contractors comprising of Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company (HEC) of the Republic of Korea (RoK), and Construction Corporation No.1 of Vietnam signed a contract on a bidding package worth VND30 trillion ($1.3 billion) on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for the plant.

Source: vir.com.vn